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Have you ever thought of enhancing you business! Rather than having just music on hold why not promote your business products and services with an on hold marketing production.

 Do you know that, 70% of business calls are placed on hold, left in a queue or transferred?

 4% of callers will hang up within 40 seconds if they are placed on hold in silence, or think they have been cut off.

 Your telephone's on-hold facility is your visitor's reception area. It allows callers to wait briefly prior to a meeting or conversation.

 Customised Marketing programs are the most cost effective marketing mediums, without increasing your staff head count!

 What you play here says a great deal about your company's image.

BR1 Productions produce customised marketing productions for callers to listen to when on hold or if in a queue before the call is answered.

Our comprehensive service gives you the ability to regularly update your personalised message to maximise your sales opportunities. This means you can announce current promotions, introduce new products and services and stimulate enquiries.

This simple addition to your telephone system will improve your company's image, reduce caller abandonment and frustration and allow you to take advantage of the most cost effective marketing mediums available.

With our Specialist creative team and state of the art digital studios we can provide audio marketing solutions for small professional businesses to large Multi National Blue chip Companies.

Telephone On Hold

"Make your business sound
more professional"

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Telephone On Hold

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